The Annual Hunger Games is a live-action event and canned food drive that is a part of Hunger & Homelessness Awareness (HHA) Week.  It is based on the popular book series, The Hunger Games, and is designed to raise awareness about hunger, homelessness, and poverty in Watauga County, which has the third highest poverty rate in the state.  Hospitality House will be partnering with act to receive proceeds from the Appalachian Hunger Games, which raised over 3,768 cans of food last year.  Thank you to ASU students and the Boone community for supporting and participating in this cause!

How does it work?

Anyone person or group on campus is welcome to particpate in the Hunger Games! We draw 21 names to participate as tributes in the Hunger Games each year! In order to be entered into the 'reaping' of these names you must donate at least 25 cans under an organization or individual name! For every 25 cans donated, groups will recieve additional entries into the reaping! Once selected at the reaping you will be expected to provide a tribute to compete in the games! The three organizations to donate the MOST cans will recieve an additional tribute to compete in the Hunger Games!

  • Donate canned/non-perishable goods!
  • For every 25 cans donated, you get one entry into the 'Reaping'
  • If your name is drawn during our live 'Reaping', you get to elect a tribute to play in the Hunger Games!
  • The three organizations that donate the MOST cans get an additional tribute to compete in the games!!


Watch to learn more!