Stone Soup: Nonprofit Capacity Building

Stone Soup is a coalition of community partners focused on collaboration and resource sharing to provide the highest quality and most efficient services while building capacity within nonprofits in the High Country.


Committee Member Expectations:
Stone Soup committee members will serve for 2 years, attend monthly or quarterly meetings, attend Stone Soup events, and help recruit potential future committee members as they rotate off of planning committees.

Professional Development Committee
Mission: To offer professional development opportunities to local non-profit businesses that facilitate capacity building in operational, organizational, and programmatic areas to enable agencies to fulfill their mission more effectively, strengthen infrastructure, and grow services. Committee members will contribute ideas to help identify workshop topics and guest speakers, then assist in the planning and execution of Stone Soup workshops (3-4 per year).

Networking Committee
Mission: To offer opportunities that connect non-profit community partners to each other and other key stakeholders in the community to promote collaboration and maximize the potential for synergy. Committee members will help identify dates, times, and locations for quarterly networking Mixers.

Campus Connection Committee
Mission: To identify resources (technical, material/physical, financial, services, & personnel) on campus & explore how to make them accessible (or more accessible) to community partners then promote these resources to non-profit community.