Why Stone Soup?

Stone Soup convened in the wake of the economic downturn of 2008 as funding sources were disappearing while community needs continued to increase. These individuals realized that they had a wealth of resources in the way of expertise and knowledge in the High Country community and sought out to discover how they could work together to fill gaps in professional development and capacity building.

As the representatives from various nonprofits came together to think about how to draw on the strengths of each other to better the community, they wondered what they should call their efforts. The ACT Graduate Assistant at the time, Donna Corriher, suggested they call the first workshop Stone Soup in reference to the sharing of resources that took place in the children’s story by the same name.

The Original Stone Soup Committee: Todd Mortensen (Appalachian & the Community Together), Donna Corriher (Appalachian & the Community Together), Jennifer Grubb Warren (Western Youth Network), Brian Lowe (Hope Pregnancy Center), Alex Hooker (Watauga County Habitat for Humanity), Linda Slade (United Way), Bob Holder (Donor Express), Lynne Mason (Hospitality House of Boone), Evelyn Asher (Caldwell Community College Small Business Center), Dick & Joan Hearn (community members extraordinaire)