The Appalachian State University campus is currently operating under SPECIAL conditions.

Coronavirus information

The university remains open, with emergency management protocols activated and operational modifications and precautions in place to support social distancing. In-person instruction has transitioned to a system of alternative course delivery. View the latest information on the App State Coronavirus Information website. Read the latest update posted 4/6/2020 at 5:20 p.m.

Read the Student Affairs Covid-19 Response. Updated March 31, 2020 at 9:20 a.m.

Join ACT Team! Applications will open in Fall 2020!

Service Advisor

An on campus job plus leadership position.

As a Service Advisor you will be paid to keep the ACT Community Outreach Center and Reception desk running smoothly and provide assistance to students, faculty/staff, and community partners for 10-12 hours a week. You will also volunteer on a Big Event Committee such as Dance Marathon, the MLK Challenge, or Conversation Cafe. Applications are accepted in the Spring of each year, and you will be expected to make a full Academic Year commitment to the program. Service Advisors are required to have been on ACT Team for at least a semester.

impACT Team

Student leaders who are committed to making community service experiences more meaningful for participating students.

As an impACT Member you will coordinate and promote ACT sponsored projects and events, facilitate presentations, reflection sessions, and social awareness activities for clubs/organizations, residence halls, and classes. ImpACT Members volunteer on one ACT Big Event committee and hold 2 formal office hours per week. Applications are accepted in the spring of each year, and you will be expected to make a full academic year commitment to the program.