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Brooke Zuroweste Millsaps, G '07

Name: Brooke Zuroweste Millsaps, G '0711329795 10153020025651785 8606124220831912314 n

Major: Masters in College Student Development

Current job: Associate Dean of Community Engagement, Warren Wilson College 

Current community involvement: Board member for Francine Delaney New School for Children; yearly participation in Warren Wilson College's break trip program; other short term involvement with local organizations

How has ACT impacted your career and/or who you are today: Working with ACT significantly influenced my expectations of what college students can accomplish when given significant responsibility. I always lean towards giving more responsibility than most of my colleagues think is appropriate; I leaned this by working with amazing students in ACT.

What did your work with ACT mean to you: I chose my graduate program because of my assistantship with ACT. Jenny Koehn, Shari Galiardi, & Todd Mortensen were excellent mentors and taught me so much about community engagement in higher education. And the students I worked with were phenomenal. I was inspired by their commitment, energy, and spirit.

Favorite ACT memory: I really didn't like Dance Marathon, however, I really tried to be a good sport and make the best of it. At the time, Dance Marathon went from 7am Saturday until 7am Sunday morning. It must have been around 5:30am or 6am (so, we had been there 20+ hours), and a community partner from Western Youth Network had left and returned. When I saw her, she had showered and was in a different outfit. In that moment, I realized that I was still in Saturday...and she was in Sunday...and I remember being so, so jealous....

Anything ACT related we didn't ask you about that you would like to share: ACT is a great place with great people and a great reputation, I am so grateful for my time there.