Stone Soup Scholarship Application


Is your organization struggling to make ends meet? Do you wish you could offer professional development opportunities to your staff but do not have the means to do so?

Partnering with the Community Foundation, Stone Soup is proud to offer scholarships to cover the entire cost of registration. If your organization is in need of professional development, or you know of an organization that could benefit from a registration scholarship, we are accepting applications on a rolling basis.

Are you applying for your organization or for another organization you feel is deserving of a scholarship

Please choose "inside watauga county" if your nonprofit is either based in or has an office in Watauga County

What is the mission statement of the organization?

if nominating someone else and unsure of number, put N/A

Please state the reasons you have decided nominate this organization - financial need, lack of staff development funds,etc.

Please list why a scholarship of one or multiple registrations would benefit this organization, and how this could help them with the future of their organization.

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