Social Justice Coffee Hour

Stay Tuned for more information on 2017-2018 Social Justice Coffee Hours! 

Social Justice Coffee Hour (SJCH) is an event that occurs about once a month. SJCH is usually associated with topics relating to other Big Events sponsored through ACT as well as current or relevant issues from the world we live in.

A normal SJCH includes a presentation by a guest speaker or panel representing various sides of the topic being discussed. Following the presentation, everyone present is invited to share in discussion. A typical SJCH experience can last up to 1.5 hours, and coffee (and other hot drinks) are always provided! 

SJCH believes in challenging each other respectfully and being open to learning about new perspectives. Join us for conversation, education, and coffee. All points of view are welcome.

 Some topics we have covered in the past:

  • The Confederate Flag
  • Understanding Race
  • Sex Trafficking Survivor Support
  • Valentines Day and the Flower Industry
  • Islam: Myths and Facts

Check back for upcoming dates and times, or find our event on Facebook! Email for more information or to get on our email list.


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