Congratulations to the 2015-2016 Scholarship Recipients!

Leigh Lane Edwards Scholarship Recipients

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Amin Aminu

Headshot CAlexander

Chelsea Alexander


Guadalupe Rosales

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Katie Haynes

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McKenzie Gillis


Perla Castro

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Shea Wheeler

Travel. Engage. Serve. Scholarship Recipients


Devin Alewel





Not Pictured:





Megan Foster


Mari-Ejalai Isikhuemhen


Rachel Krizek





Ayron Walker


Samantha Reis


Seth Pray

“This experience taught me that there is a whole world out there filled with diversity. I learned to put my circumstances into context and use the privilege that I am blessed with as leverage to influence change, which allows others to be elevated from their circumstances. Change does not happen overnight, but I plan to continue my civic learning and engagement by raising awareness and contributing to hands on initiatives in my local community...I am fortunate to have received the Leigh Lane Scholarship and appreciate its direct method of providing an educational vessel for me to learn more about myself, my passions, and a different culture. ” -Amin Aminu

“Ultimately, this experience has caused a paradigm shift in my life. I feel that Ecuador and the people I was blessed to be able to experience there have greatly altered the way I view civic learning, education, and most importantly community. I realize now that my ability to be conscious and active is not limited to my location. Not being to see the good you can do does not lessen the need or the importance present in other places like Piñas, Ecuador. Being a global citizen is important for the growth of a collective and inclusive mindset.”  -McKenzie Gillis

"Being able to partake in such a humbling and eye-opening service was overwhelming at time. Being able to meet individuals from across the world and to show them humility and grace made this experience amazing. I made so many new friends and I got to abolish my pre-conceived notions of what a refugee was. Overall, I am thankful for being awarded the scholarship that enabled me to give back to the Bridge Refugees organization and the refugees at large." -Megan Foster 

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