A HUGE thank you to everyone whe helped make this year's Don't Throw it Away a success! We diverted over 70 tons of items from the landfill. Don't forget to come to the BIG Sale on Saturday, August 19th! 

What is Don't Throw it Away?

DTiA is a student created and run program designed to reduce the waste produced by Appalachian students during the end-of-year move out that has been in effect for 12 years. Don't Throw it Away also raises awareness about re-using items and the usefulness of items that end up in landfills, highlights the missions of  our local non-profit partners, and ultimately raises funds for those agencies to further their work for the community by increasing the energy efficiency of their facilities. Over $100,000 has been raised since Don't Throw it Away began in 2001.

How does it work?

  • Items in decent condition are donated in residence halls by students (directly to Legends for off campus students or community members) the week before graduation.
  • Most anything is accepted, from shower caddies, lamps, futons, clean carpets and non-perishable food items! 
  • Items are left in designated areas (blue taped areas with corresponding siganage indicating it is a DTiA drop off point) in each residence hall.
  • Items are collected nightly during the final exam period by wonderful volunteers.  Volunteers are students, staff, and community members. Many hands make light work, we need you to make this program a success.
  • Items are transported to Legends where they are sorted and stored for the summer to be sold at the beginning of the fall semester at The BIG Sale.
  • Each night volunteers are fed a free & delicious dinner at the end of each collection.


Email: act@appstate.edu 


Contact Us

Rm. 138, Plemmons Student Union
263 Locust Street
Boone, NC 28608

Phone: (828) 262-2545
Fax: (828) 262-8078

Outreach Center:
P: (828) 262-2193
Monday - Friday: 10 am-3 pm
Tuesday & Wednesday: 5-7 pm